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Every Week, if I have a question, if I need help with a contract, I need a JV, I can come to this community and ask someone here. The weekly process and how big we’ve become is amazing, When I started 5 years ago we were 35 people and now we’re over 600. You start to pick up on things, you hear conversations it starts to help and it solidifies;  Yeah, I’m in the right place, I can do this. I am doing this.

Marsha - Investor and Certified Intentional Coach

Brave New World Coaching

After having been involved with other “Guru” groups I was looking for a community. The Problem with the Guru groups is that they have a decent education, but no support. With them I got was a beautiful $60,000 brief case and an 800 number. We fave new and experienced people to hold your hand, and help mitigate the risks. 

Bob M

Retired - Invests to Subsidize his retirement and make use of his free time